Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ironing Board Cover

....and I'm back! Okay, I flew back to Texas last week, but I just put away the suitcases into the closet yesterday. Why does it take me so long to unpack??

I actually made this beauty the week before I left, but I was too busy packing to get the photos up.
When I made my very first tutorial on how to make a pencil skirt, I shot of photo of my ironing board to show the "iron the facing" step. I did not realize until then that my ironing board cover was DISGUSTING. How could I have a pretty blog if my photos are of nasty ironing boards? I needed a new cover fast!
I used this ironing board cover tutorial to help me out. I was able to sew it up really quick, and it looks great! Now, I love pulling out my ironing board! Seriously, I could stare at this pretty fabric all day.

You may recognize the fabric from my Peplum Shorts tutorial! haha

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chevron Quilt Progress: Week 7

This week I did the actual quilting of my quilt! This was my very first time to machine stitch a quilt (I've only hand-tied a quilt before). I was really surprised how easy and smooth everything went.
I started by putting on a brand new needle and my walking foot (I bought this walking foot and it works great). The walking foot looks totally intimidating and it takes a couple of minutes to figure out how to attach the foot to the sewing machine. But it's definitely worth the investment, because the walking foot pulls the quilt through smoothly without the fabric shifting.
Next, I used safety pins to pin the quilt layers together (Quilt top + batting + bottom fabric)
Then I had to decide where to stitch. I was debating between stitching right in the middle of the white chevrons, "in the ditch" (on the seams), or 1/4" from the patterned chevrons. I decided to go with the last one.
I read that it's important to start sewing the quilt in the middle, then work your ways out. So I rolled up one side of the quilt (to get it to fit in the arm of the sewing machine) and sewed a row, then I unrolled a little bit and sewed another row, repeating until I reached the bottom.

Sewing was actually really simple. The trickiest part was having to pivot over every chevron. To pivot, just leave your needle down, lift up the presser foot, and turn the quilt.
When I finished sewing, I trimmed the excess back fabric and the batting so everything was the same size.
And now the only thing left to do is the binding! So exciting!
I am going out of town next week, so there won't be any update next week. But the following Saturday, I will hopefully be sharing a finished quilt!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tutorial: Simple Pincushion

For the sewing service activity we needed at least 12 pincushions to distribute pins across the room. So I whipped these up really quick using a bunch of scrap fabric. Seriously, these are the simplest ever pincushions.
1. Cut two rectangles of the same size and sew along the edges, leaving a gap to turn it inside out.
2. Clip the corners
3. Turn inside out
4. Push the corners out with a dull pencil and fill with stuffing (any will work, I used polyester fiberfil)
5. Sew opening closed with a ladder stitch
and your pincushion is ready to be filled with pins!

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Kitchen Towels for Charity

I mentioned a while ago that I was asked to help the relief society (ladies church group) with a service sewing project. They wanted to do a simple project and they wanted it to be for a service. I contacted the local hospitals, Ronald McDonald House, and Women's Shelter to see what type of things they were in need of. It came down to pillow cases for the children's hospital or dish towels for the women's shelter. I thought learning to embellish dish towels would be something the ladies might be more interested in. So I went with that.

I started with the idea to make these pretty ruffled towels from Craftaholics Anonymous but the more I talked with other women who owned sewing machines who were coming, the more I realized this was too ambitious of a sewing project to tackle (some of the women were just learning how to use their sewing machines). So I got online looking for simpler ways to embellish kitchen towels, and I found this simple tutorial at Craftiness is Not Optional. It's not as ruffly (and I love me some ruffles), but it was much easier to teach.
We also needed a non-sewing project, so I found this great tutorial on Houzz for painting flour sack towels. I bought fabric medium and mixed it with acrylic craft paint. This was cheaper than buying fabric paint, plus gave us better color choices.

I think everyone had a fun time decorating the towels. When everything was finished we brought the towels to the local Women's shelter. I hope that the women there enjoy their new towels.

If anyone is looking for a fun service project to do, this worked out really well.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Chevron Quilt Progress: Week Six

Big progress this week! 
First, I cut the grey fabric into strips and added them to the top of the quilt to make it longer. I am much happier with the size now.  With all the rows completed, I sewed all of the rows together.
 To give me an almost finished quilt top!
 After that I cut off the edges.
 And now I have a completely finished quilt top.
The next step is to quilt it, and I am really nervous for that part. I want to machine stitch it and I have never done that before. I have read up on it, and watched lots of video tutorials to machine stitch a quilt. I'll let you know how it goes next week!