Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kate Middleton Coat

Okay, this is an old project guys. But I haven't shared it yet, and I want to document it in my little crafting portfolio. Plus I promised my sister (hi Ashley!) that I would show her some pictures.
This is my Kate Middleton/Burberry Trench Coat inspired look. I created it for the Project Run and Play sewalong "The Fashion Icon" challenge back in September 2012. I was sewing like mad to finish the coat, but unfortunately my killer morning sickness did me in and I had to give up with just the belt loops to go. I did finish the coat the week after, but then I never photographed it, until now, a full year later (hence the reason why it looks a bit too small!)
For the record, the sew along winner that week was another Kate Middleton coat (Froo and Boo actually, who is competing this season in PR&P)
I made the coat out of cream fleece, and adapted the pattern from Shwin and Shwin's Abby Coat.
It was a great coat, and we got a lot of wear out of it. I may have to make it again in a larger size.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Project Run and Play: Winter Wonderland

Project Run and Play season 8 is here! Hooray! time for a little sewing.
This week's theme is "Winter Wonderland." Honestly, it was hard for me to channel the winter love, I am celebrating the end of winter here in Texas (see the grass in the background? some green stuff is starting to come up!)
image from the black apple

For this look, I was inspired by the black apple dolls (who was reading the Black Apple back in 2009? I have been in love with these dolls for years)

image from worn on tv

And Mary Margaret has also been influencing all my fashion choices right now. Ohmygosh I loooove Once Upon a Time. The show is great, but the cloooooothes. The whole show, I am like "that jacket is sooo preeeeeeeetty!" For those who don't watch, Mary Margaret is Snow White and she is cursed with a fabulous closet full of amazing coats and hats. Okay, that's not really what the curse is about, there's also a great collection of cardigans.

I have had the idea for this outfit forming in my head for a while now, and it all just fit so well with the Winterwonderland theme, so I went for it. The crochet hat pattern is from velvet acorn, and the capelet and a-line dress are self-drafted.  If you are thinking gasp! are those raw edges? yes, they are. To be honest, they are both what I would call wearable muslins. They were the first test of my pattern so I didn't want to invest in fancy fabric or spend extra time lining the capelet. Though, I am in love with how it turned out so I mostly likely make it again for reals.
As I was headed outside to take pictures Christine started to get upset, "but mommy what can I hold? I need a lollipop to hold" (remembering this look). So I tried to explain that the only reason she got a lollipop that time was because it was a lollipop dress, and this is the "black apple dress"  "Oh! I need an apple to hold!"
The capelet is made from grey fleece, and has a button loop closure.
The dress is a cheap cotton from Walmart. The pattern is a simple A-line with biastape-lined arm holes and neck hole, with a button placket in the back.
The neck was a little too small so it ripped while I was trying to wrestle Christine into the partially sewn up dress. (a big problem with sewing with such cheapo fabric) At first I thought, oh well, it was just a muslin anyways, but then I thought "Eh, I will just put a notch there!" luckily it ripped in the center.
I used these two amazing vintage buttons that I found at a local antique shop.
And my favorite of the whole look... the socks!!! I used this tutorial from Me Sew Crazy. I am definitely going to be making more!

Check out Project Run and Play for more fabulousness

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas Dress

Christmas went by really quickly this year. I was surprised how little time I had. But I did manage to sew a Christmas dress for Christine and matching pajamas for both kiddos.
This dress is the Georgia Vintage Dress by Cottage Mama. I have wanted to sew it since Lindsay did a blog tour last summer. Everyday on bloglovin I found myself drooling over another Georgia dress. Finally I had a reason to buy the pattern. She also has a new book that I have my eye on.
I used fabric from Amy Butler's Soul Blossom line: buttercups in spearmint, temple doors in fresh mint, and sari blooms in raspberry. Amy Butler prints always seem so wild and busy (at least to me) but always look great paired together. I'll be honest I was scared when my fabric arrived on my doorstep "Those are some bright, busy prints!!" but all sewn up, I think the fabrics are great!
The over-sized bow in the back is my favorite part. Christine's favorite element is the skirt. The skirt is so full, and "twirly" she says, and calls it her "princess dress". The pattern was a little fussy for my tastes, I usually gravitate toward more simple designs. But I wanted something a little more over-the-top for a Christmas dress. It totally reminds me of something my mom would have made me when I was a little girl. (Though she never would use such bright colors!)